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If a loved one becomes incapacitated after an accident or because of cognitive problems, or is vulnerable to undue influence or elder abuse, a conservatorship may be the right option. Koller Herlihy LLP can help you establish a conservatorship.  Where a conservatorship is inappropriate, we can help you oppose it.

A conservatorship is a court-supervised relationship between an incapacitated person and one who is appointed to look after that person’s needs. Conservators are appointed only after the court finds that the conservatee is unable to properly provide for his or her personal needs, to manage financial resources or to resist fraud or undue influence. Seeking a conservatorship can be expensive, time consuming, and risks exposing the incapacitated individual’s private information in a public forum. However, sometimes a conservatorship is necessary.

We help clients explore alternatives to conservatorships and when no reasonable alternative can be found, we help clients obtain conservatorships. In some cases, we represent parties objecting to a conservatorship. We also represent both professional and non-professional conservators once a conservatorship has been established.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing conservators during conservatorship, and an intimate knowledge of conservatorship rules and requirements. Jennifer also serves on the Contra Costa County court appointed attorney panel representing conservatees in conservatorship proceedings and understands how arduous the conservatorship process can be for all involved.