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About Us

Koller Herlihy LLP

Koller Herlihy LLP is a female owned full-service trust and estate law firm serving the greater Bay Area

Our expertise and proven track record in litigation informs our ability to create solid estate plans for our clients. We are strategic in the courtroom and outside. Our attorneys realize that our clients are better served by a plan that avoids issues from the start, rather than by facing a dispute later. We accomplish this by understanding the details of each situation before creating a strategy that anticipates risk, incorporates innovative techniques, and focuses on achieving the goals of the client.

Personable, Professional, and Dedicated

We are personable, professional, and dedicated to serving our clients’ interests. We take great pride in our ability to empathize and advise clients who have experienced a loss or are navigating a challenging family dynamic. Whether your needs involve creating an estate plan, administering a trust, navigating the probate process, or a dispute over the validity of a trust instrument, you will find us knowledgeable and dedicated.

Our mission is to find solutions to protect the legacies of our individual clients and their families, and to advance the interests of fiduciary clients. We are dedicated to providing excellent client service.